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Free Blogger Template Template for Blogspot User Original WP Theme : Jinsona Design Converted To Blogger By : Cahaya Biru Demo : CLICK HERE Download : Note: Some image maybe not include in the zip file. So, just going to demo page, right click your mouse, choose view source page or view information, find image needed. Another option, send your image request to Cahaya Biru.

7 komentar:

TukangPosting said...

makasih udah di convert ke bloger om daru

Cahaya Biru said...

@TukangPosting; sama-sama... :)

Fetra said...

wah templatenya keren nih...ijin sedot ya kang..

konsultan said...

hatur nuhun mugi-mugi banyak

subagya said...

izin nyomot kodenya ah

Cahaya Biru said...

@Fetra; Silahkan... :)
@konsultan; Amiin.... :)
@Subagya; Silahkan.... :

selamat ngeblog semuanya... :)

Kang Jaka said... sudah update bulan juni silahkan di copy

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