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Rie's Style

Template for Blogspot User Original Desainer : Herro & Cebong Ipiet Template Creator : Herro & Cebong Ipiet Demo : CLICK HERE Download : Rie Style Template.zip

4 komentar:

Anna 'dTeepZ said...

keren nih...ijo

mRs fFiRa said...


love this one..
could you please teach me how to
change the header pic?
and also how to put adjust link..

Herro said...

1. change header pic :
go to edit HTML then find this code
#header {
margin: 0px;
background: url(http://1.bp.blogspot.com/_kMUpUqMmduA/STopAmyaR0I/AAAAAAAAARQ/Nz86Lx7tUIs/s1600/hider2.png);
text-align: right;
just change the background url with your own pic url.

2. change the link on the top:
find this code
<div id='navigation'>
you can change the achor text and achor url under this code

Melissa said...

The buttons around my links are blinking on and off anyone know how to fix this?

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